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Control and have access to your corporate accounts 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Enroll in On-Line Business Banking today!

What can I do in On-Line Business Banking?

How secure is On-Line Business Banking?

128-Bit Data Encryption

Our On-Line Banking (Banca en Línea) system supports 128-bit data encryption, in accordance with international standards of security.

Certified by Verisign Inc.

Verisign, Inc. is a globally recognized Certificate Authority of Internet websites. In addition, recognized, security companies dedicated to carrying out independent tests on financial institutions, after taking the corresponding measures, have confirmed the security of our site.

Electronic Security Card

The Electronic Security Card is a sturdy mechanism of authentication used worldwide. It will allow customers to make safe, fast and comfortable On Line transactions to any deposit account, loan, or credit card from Banco General or other banks from the ACH network. Every time a customer makes a third party transaction, a collector´s payment or a transaction to another bank, the system will ask him to enter a unique combination, wich he´ll find in the back of his card. This will authenticate his transaction with the bank.

Authorization Levels

Set different access levels, either single or double, for fund transactions such as account transfers, payments to suppliers or employee payrolls where you can establish maximum authorized amounts for each beneficiary and the system will automatically alert you if a transaction goes above these set amounts.

What are the benefits of enrolling in On-Line Business Banking?

In today’s competitive globalized world, high-speed data and the ability to carry out transactions instantly makes an enormous difference when doing business and reducing operational costs.

By using On-Line Business Banking, you can access all of your financial bank accounts on your computer monitor from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

On-Line Business Banking offers you the ease of having various access levels:

On-Line Business Banking also uses different access combinations, i.e. it allows for one or more persons to authorize transactions. Those individuals with payment and transaction authorization levels will be given an Electronic Security Card with extra security, in addition to their Personal Passcode and Client Number.

On-Line Business Banking works in an easy-to-use and friendly system environment.

How do I enroll my company in On-Line Business Banking?

To enroll your business or for more information on On-Line Business Banking, call (507) 303-7000, extension: 62603, 62608, 60950, 61054, 61055, 61049 and a representative from Banco General will visit and advise you on the many advantages of Commercial online banking. For more information, please call Commercial online banking customer service at 305-0010.

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