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Banco General Corporate University is the pillar that guarantees the organization’s most important investment in training and support for the professional development of its collaborators.  Training is provided by internal and external personnel since Banco General has strategic partnerships with prestigious schools such as INCAE, University of Louisville, IESA and Harvard Business School, among others, that provide the highest quality educational material and tools.

Every year more than 182,000-man hours of training are provided, with an investment of more than one million dollars.

The academic offer includes nine thematic pillars:

  • Managerial development that includes risk management, effective meeting organization, coaching, negotiation, change management, leadership through generations and basic managerial modules.
  • Professional development, with topics of process methodologies, accounting and finance programs, complete English program as a second language, writing and spelling and sales programs.
  • Personal development, that includes relationships, parenting, self-esteem and personal improvement, emotional health, among others.
  • Customer service, that includes topics focusing on improving skills to offer excellent service.
  • Tools and technologies that include diverse Microsoft programs at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Organizational programs including induction and integration.
  • Frequent programs for specific capacities such as ATMs, platform management, operations.
  • “Always Ready” Program to improve the skills of managers in the different areas with the objective of serving in different areas of the organization if necessary.
  • Regulatory programs on compliance and security and prevention rules.