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Offering excellent service is a priority for Banco General.  The bank has an area dedicated specifically to ensuring that the service we provide is excellent, in each contact with a customer.  We have a Vision of service and seven standards that are continuously reinforced within the organization.

To monitor the quality of the services we offer, we periodically measure customer satisfaction through surveys where satisfaction, speed, friendliness, ease in processing and knowledge of products and processes by our service executives is measured.

We also have an area dedicated to promoting a service culture within the organization that manages several internal programs.  These include recognition of collaborators that Excel in service, reception of ideas by collaborators to improve such service and weekly meetings to reinforce service standards.

We can highlight the great emphasis that the organization places on service training, through the Banco General Corporate University, offering programs, workshops and extensive personnel training courses.

Likewise, the organization has placed great emphasis on the service offered to our commercial customers, developing banking relationships focused on customers, adapting to their needs.

Management of Requests and Claims

Customer requests and claims are handled very seriously at Banco General, with concrete goals and well-defined processes.  The goal is to take care of any request made through the system within an average of five business days.