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We worry about the health and wellbeing of our collaborators, therefore, in 2012 we created Personal Wellbeing, an area dedicated to the promotion of physical and emotional personal health for the improvement of quality of life, and therefore, of our society.

We have a Care for your Health Program that visits the bank’s different departments and measures collaborators’ blood pressures.  Additionally, monthly health capsules are published on our intranet in an effort to educate personnel on illness prevention.

Likewise, we promote a healthy lifestyle and sporting activities, offering our collaborators free sports leagues for them and their families.

Motivation and recognitions

We recognize the loyalty, dedication and work of our employees through the celebration of their years of service with a great anniversary dinner.

Additionally, every year a Star Collaborator is selected, the distinguished employee of the year.

Food Subsidy Program

Due to the excessive increase in basic food costs in Panama, starting in 2008, a food subsidy program was implemented, a food voucher program redeemable at various supermarkets and pharmacies in the country.

Other benefits

Banco General offers their collaborators multiple benefits, including private health insurance, store discounts, aid with financial interest issues, among many others.