Responsible Consumption Program2019-08-08T17:26:43-05:00

With 74 branches, office buildings and more than 4,900 employees, we know we must monitor our consumption of natural resources and be responsible users.  Therefore, we have a responsible consumption program based on the three Rs.



  • We constantly communicate internally to encourage energy savings.
  • We do not turn our signs on at night (with the exception of the Headquarters, which is turned off at 10 p.m.).
  • We encourage not to print receipts at our ATMs, as well as statements.


Ink and toners.

We collect used toners and ink in all bank departments and branches and subsequently deliver them to a company that reuses them.


We properly discard for subsequent recycling or treatment:

  • White paper, newspapers, folders and manila envelopes used internally.
  • Electronic scrap.
  • Fluorescent bulbs.
  • Tetra Pack.
  • PET 1 plastic and plastic bags.

Additionally, we sponsor and support the “I Recycle Fairs” that take place monthly in the City of Panama to collect recyclable waste and provide education on the subject of recycling.