Sustainable Construction2019-08-08T17:26:50-05:00

Banco General believes in the importance of incorporating sustainable concepts in the construction of its offices.  Therefore, we are part of the Panama Green Building Council and we have started involving our architects in these processes.

In 2013 we inaugurated two LEED® Gold Level certified branches: Clayton and the City of Knowledge.  The “LEED” certification system was created by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and is the main program at a global level for buildings, homes and communities that are designed, built, maintained and operated to achieve superior performance.  Subsequently, we inaugurated two additional certified branches: Panama Pacifico with LEED® Silver certification and Versalles with LEED® certification.

In all the branches, clean construction processes and materials – like paint and glue – were used, free of toxins.  Additionally, they were designed for efficient consumption of energy and efficient water management.