Volunteer Program2019-08-08T17:28:17-05:00
  • Banco General’s corporate volunteer program, Neighbors in Action, comprises more than 300 collaborators that donate their time and effort with no compensation in support of our community. Created in 2001, the program is based on the social commitment of the collaborators, supported by the company through resources and tools for its organization.
  • Neighbors in Action partners with non-governmental organizations and provides support to these foundations in an orderly fashion. Among them are, Casa Esperanza, FANLYC, Special Olympics, Fundación Pide un Deseo, Techo, Nutre Hogar.
  • Banco General’s vision is to support the volunteers in their effort, helping in the execution of projects, acknowledging their work and motivating them to continue.
  • During the last few years, Neighbors in Action has carried out approximately 190 volunteer activities per year for the benefit of more than 15 ONGs and more than fifteen thousand people.