Environmental and Social Risk Management System2019-08-08T17:26:33-05:00

The Environmental and Social Risk Management System ensures that our credit decisions consider environmental and social risk factors among the basic points of analysis for each credit proposal.  Its application consists in the verification of compliance with the corresponding environmental regulations, encouraging our customers to prevent and mitigate environmental and social risks and discuss the impacts with them.  Added to this, and as a part of SGAS, Banco General has an Exclusion List of industries in which it does not participate with financing.

The system is applied to the areas of Corporate Credit, Commercial Credit, International Banking, Investment Banking and Residential Mortgage Credits.  SGAS is managed by a highly trained team that works from the Risk area and analyzes the aforementioned credits.  To learn more about the latest developments in the application of SGAS, you can refer to our Social Responsibility Reports.

In 2011, and upon implementation of SGAS, Banco General became the first Panamanian financial institution to become a Signatory Member of the Financial Initiative Program of the United Nations for the Environment (UNEP FI in English).  UNEP FI is a unique collaborative initiative at a global level between the United Nations and the global financial sector.  Its mission is to identify and promote the adoption of better environmental and sustainability practices at all levels of operations in financial institutions.  The voluntary signing of this document demonstrates our commitment to working towards the principles of the partnership and is proof of our commitment regarding the subject.