Banco General has over 1,500 suppliers, a value chain made up of small, medium and large companies that provide all types of services.  Their operation directly impacts our business since we depend on them to offer quality products and services in the stipulated time.  Our operation impacts them since we are an important customer for their business.

Pursuant to our policy, established in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, we select our suppliers in a fair manner, taking into account competitive pricing, quality, experience, service and reciprocity with the bank.

Even though evaluation of our suppliers does not formally include social or environmental criteria, our policy guides us to closely look at the moral solvency of a supplier before contracting it, through banking and professional references.

Additionally, we continue sending commitment letters in which we explain our expectations regarding sustainability issues.  These letters are signed by them and kept in their file at the bank.  If there is evidence of noncompliance with our expectations, the commercial relationship with them may be terminated.